CCTV & Accessories

Keybit Services supply, install & maintain HD CCTV & Accessories, Cameras can be located internally and/or externally and when the system is connected to your internet connection can be also be remotely viewed with playback on your Android or iPhone Device. Get help on what’s needed & secure your home or business today!

  • The benefits of CCTV are clear – it provides a cost effect efficient means of recording individual’s activities in areas of concern. Its presence acts as a deterrent to crime. We enable you to monitor activity in real time to prevent crime or wrong doing.
  • We supply digital technology which provides better images at a reduced cost, making the systems more affordable for your commercial and domestic purposes.
  • We advise on how cameras can be located where you need them most with the minimum impact to the aesthetics of your building or premises.

Check out our products below to get an idea of costs involved and then get in touch for a free no obligation CCTV quotation.

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